Common Questions from Parents

How much support will I get?

Your family will receive individualized, intensive, in-home therapy on average of two to three sessions a week which are not limited to 60 minute sessions. You will have access to crisis support 7 days a week.  We will work with your child’s school, obtaining signed releases from current therapists, to develop a coordinated treatment plan. You’ll also have access to a Parent Therapeutic Psycho-Educational Group once every two weeks for as long as you need it.

Success measurement in in-home therapyWho will be my therapist?

We are a clinically sophisticated program that is based on empirically validated family preservation models. Each of our therapists are seasoned, Master’s Level who have significant background of intense, community-based, or evidence-based treatment modalities.

What happens to the therapist we have already?

Most likely, your child will continue seeing his/her outpatient therapist.  We will obtain signed consent forms, and liaise directly with the therapist about the family, where necessary and desirable. We will work with your child’s school and current therapists/psychiatrist, obtaining signed releases, to develop a co-ordinated treatment plan.   Very often child/adolescent therapists give us feedback that by us working with the entire family in the home – we allow the therapist to do more efficient individual therapy with the child (vs. “putting out fires” each session).

How will we measure success?

As parents, you will identify treatment goals, which will be specific and measurable. If there is a lack of progress, your therapist will reassess interventions and strategies to attempt to move closer to treatment goals.

How is this different from the therapy I’ve been getting?

We are INTENSIVE, IN-HOME and ACCESSIBLE – we  find solutions for stabilizing a family, and restoring parental authority. Instead of looking backward, we find ways to move forward. Because we are on-call or in the home with parents, we deal with challenges in the immediacy of the moment, addressing each problem as it occurs.   We are solution focused, family systems focused, strength based, and results oriented.  Traditional, once per week, therapy is a fantastic solution for many families – for those who present with issues beyond what can be addressed in traditional outpatient therapy – there is HOME REMEDY.

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