Our Goal

Family Preservation

Intensive In-Home Therapy for the Preservation of Families

Home Remedy provides an alternative for families who have found little relief from traditional therapies or are considering out of home placement.

The treatment providers are Master’s level clinicians who are trained in evidence-based in home therapy models.

The approach is an intensive, short-term, home-based therapeutic model that targets the specific challenges of individual families in the context of their home, school, and community.

Therapists work flexible schedules and maintain small caseloads to ensure the family’s needs and an individualized process is possible.

“Home Remedy’s ultimate goal of family preservation services is to maintain children with their families, or to successfully reunify them, after an out-of-home placement in a Wilderness Therapy Program, Hospitalization, Residential Treatment Program, or Therapeutic Boarding School.”

Our Mission

Home remedy St. Louis

Home Remedy is the first family preservation program in the private sector, using locally-based therapists, and designed exclusively for families who have exhausted all local treatment options. We provide intensive, in-home therapeutic services that strengthen families, empower parents, decrease difficult and negative behaviors of children, and improve family relationships. We are an effective alternative for families with children and young adults Who have found limited relief from traditional therapies or are considering out of home placement.

We currently have a staff of five full-time professionals, dedicated and passionate about family preservation and maintaining family structures.

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Therapist work with members of the family individually or collectively to employ a variety of treatment sessions tailored to your needs.

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7 Day a week availability of therapists to assist the family to defuse a number of events or circumstances defined by you as a crisis situation. 

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Parent Therapeutic Group

Parents attend a bi-weekly therapy group designed to support and augment the in-home therapeutic interventions. 

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